The Beginning 

Lily Low began as an idea in early 2021 after Jasmine Low lost her job during the pandemic. With less than $100 in her pocket, Jasmine decided to sell her homemade body butter "Succulent Shea" and received overwhelming positive feedback. On her first day she sold out all of her body butters  and continued to sell out for three weeks. 

 Jasmine began to realize she had a business and knew she needed a name. Immediately, the name that came to mind was Lillie: The name of both of her grandmothers. 

To Jasmine, both Lillies were strong, courageous, compassionate and kind.  Both women faced incredible obstacles and taught Jasmine the meaning of forgiveness, love, and what it truly means to be a black woman. 

Lily Flower


All logos and labels are designed by the brilliant designer Nancy Hope.